Behind the Sun, By the Sea. Jerusalem Film Festival,
experimental film contest\ 26.07.22

Essential Body\ Rundgang Raumstrategien Weißensee\ 10.07.22 

"No, Zeitgeist" לא, ברוח התקופה. CCA Tel Aviv\ 23.06.22, 30.06.22

"No, Zeitgeist" לא, ברוח התקופה. Turning Workshop, Cabri\ 25.06.22

"No, Zeitgeist" לא, ברוח התקופה. The Mill, Shaar Haamakim\ 22.06.22 


Essential Body\ Gallery Wedding, Berlin\ 11.08.21| 19.00, 20

Workshop for Choreography students at "The Jerusalem Academy for Music and Dance", Jerusalem| 27.4.21

The Sea Affect \Bazel SquareTel Aviv\ 3.12.20 | 20:00

The Sea Affect\  "Kelim" Choreography Center\ 8.8.2020 Bat Yam | 20:00

The Sea Affect\  "Kelim" Choreography Center\ 6.8.2020 Bat Yam | 20:00

The Sea Affect\"Kelim" Choreography Center\March Hare Festival 1.8.2020 Bat Yam | 20:00

Workshop for Choreography students at "The Jerusalem Academy for Music and Dance"| 31.5.20

SFC exposure event Center Stage (TLV)\  1.4.2020 Cancelled due to COVID - 19

Instruction for a Solo\ Winter Clock Festival, Jerusalem, 10.2.20  

SFC - 3th Suggestion, MoBY Bat Yam\  18.1.2020

Suggestions for the City - 2th Suggestion (untitled) MoBY Museum, Bat Yam\ 30.11.19 

"Rescue" - Public Movement (Performer) "Manofim" Festival, Jerusalem 29.10.19, 29.11.19

No Zeitgeist\ Zaz Festival, part of "The Gathering", TLV\ 26.10.19

Suggestions for the City - 1th Suggestion "EPHEMERA"  MoBY Museum, Bat Yam\ 20.9.19, 5.10.19

2,3,4,5,6 Suggestions\ MoBY Museum, Bat Yam\ October- March 2020

"kelim" choreography center residency\ Nov' 2019 - March 2020

 "Center Stage" residency\ April-July 2019 Tel Aviv

 'Presence Sites St. Petersburg'\ The New Gallery Artist's Studio, Jerusalem\ 15.2.19


'Presence Sites St.Petersburg'\ St. Petersburg Festival Haifa Meusum of Art, "Beit Hatfuzot" TLV\ 27-28\11\18

'Presence Sites'\ 29\10\18 Fest'Factory, Bat Yam

 'No, Zeitgeist'Performance conference 0:7 17\10\18 YMCA Jerusalem

'FieldNight training'\ ATLAS ImpulsTanz, 11\8\18 Arsenal, Vienna

 'Presence Sites'\ Tel Aviv University, Art in community conference\ 7/5/18 Bat Yam  

 'Together Moments'\ "Hope" Exhibition 21-24.2.18, Jaffa 13 

'Tikva Saloon' \ 'Hope' Exhibition, 21-24\2\18 Gaza 13, Jaffa