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Ma'ayan Choresh

working together since 2017 as a performer, co-creator, and a rehearsal director . 

(1985) Graduated from SEAD- Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (2011). As a professional dancer she is working with Public Movement, Noa Dar dance company, Gil kerer and others.

She won the Israeli Union of Performing Artists award for her piece "Milk and Honey" at 2011. She has presented her own choreographies: "Mrs Paul Miss Catch" (2013) and "Here I Go" (2015) in different festivals in Israel.

She teaches contemporary dance, improvisation and contact improvisation for dancers and adults in various schools in Israel.

Currently Ma’ayan is based in Tel- Aviv, working as a freelance dancer and continuing to develop her own work

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Or Ashkenazi

Working together since 2017 as a performer and co- creator.

(1990) Graduate with honors of the academy for music and Dance  in Jerusalem. Won Gertrud Strauss competition with her solo: ::::::::::::::::::: worked as a dancer with different choreographers among them: Thami Lebovitch, Tami and Ronen Yizhaki, Guy Gutman, shlomit Fundaminsky, Ori Lankinsky, Iris Erez, and with Danielle Shoufra, in three project so far. Since 2019, working as a dance performer in Yasmeen Godder Dance Cmpany. Or also teach dance for young girls, and movement classes for people with parkinson at Yasmeen Godder studio.


Meshi Olinky

Working together since 2016 as a performer and co-creator.

(1991) Dancer and performer. Third year student at SVT Jerusalem. A member of Public Movement since 2012, took part in: Ta’anit (JRS Davidka square), National Collection (TLV Museum), Choreography of Power (Guggenheim, NY), The Interview, and Rescue (DNM). Since 2016 collaborate with Danielle Shoufra in the works: The Ability of Stop Existing (JRS), Ten Instruction for a Solo, Presence Sites - St. Petersburg. Also work with Nina Traub (2017- today), and Guy Raichman (2015).

משי אולניקי מתוך הסרט צילי בימוי עמוס גי

Efrat Levy


Working together since 2018 as a dancer.

Dancer and a dance teacher.

Got her BA from Rotterdam Dance Academy and her MA in Choreography from Jerusalem Dance Academy.

In Holland worked with different choreographers, amongst them Michael Schumacher, Andrea Boll, Amy Raymond, Vaclav Kunes, and Liat T. Waysbort, as well as projects in the Korzo Theater the Hague, Vloistof Collective and dans Atelier Rotterdam. In Israel performed with Efrat Rubin, Sharona Floresheim, Noa Dar, Barak Marshell, Danielle Shoufra, Maya Brinner etc. In 2009 was a recipient of the prestigous Dance OMI residency in New York.

Perform her works in festivals in Budapest, the Hague, Tilburg, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and in 2012 she was invited to develop her solo No-Mad in Tanz Haus Zurich, with which she toured in Zurich, Amsterdam, The Hague and Jerusalem. In 2014 she was invited to create the movement in the play Refuge#2 in the Acre festival for theater.

For the past three years she is the recipeint of the scholarship Dancer in the community project in Arara.

Efrat Levy's YouTube


Shira Yasur

Working together since 2018. Project consultant and a text editor. 

(b. 1988) is a musician and music teacher, she lives and works in Tel Aviv. She received her MA in women and gender studies, and her BA in musicology, from Tel Aviv University. She has written music for projects by several artists including: Aya Ben Ron - “No Body” (2017); “The Last Voyage to Cythera” (2015), and Michal Helfman - “When Dictators Rage” - presented at the Tel Aviv University Art Gallery (2013) and Gropius Bau Museum, Brelin (2015).

Shira Yasur's channel

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