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Essential Body

Essential Body - Dance and Sound Performance.

Premiered in Movement Research - Test Platz, Gallery Wedding Berlin, 2021.


Danielle Shoufra with co- performers practitioners from Spatial Strategies Weißensee, Kunsthochschule: Denis Esakov, Marina Resende Santos, Jacob Wirth, Coline Rousteau.

Essential Body is a performative research project. It was generated in the vacuum of the lockdown while our bodies were being restricted and our movement reduced. The extensively used term ‘ESSENTIAL’ during the pandemic exposed the state's direct control over our bodies.

In this time of suspension, not being able to hold my praxis, I assembled a group of practitioners, and together we practice the functionalities of our bodies; Exploring the range between mechanical movements -  through amplifying our audible and visual presence to the point of fragile mutual dependency.


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