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"No Zeitgeist"\ "Presence Sites St. Petersburg"

 St. Petersburg festival, by "Habrigada Hatarbutit", November 2018

Choreography: Danielle Shoufra

Co Performers: Meshi Olinky, Ma’ayan Horesh, Efrat Levi, Or Ashkenazi

Artistic research: Michal Ben Yehuda

Anthropological research: Eliza Frenkel

Photos: Yair Meyuhas

The Piece "Presence Sites" is based on a historic narrative that hasn't earned a place in the dominant hegemonic history. In this work, we make homage to soviet women who mostly lived and act between "October revolutions"

and the end of Stalin's time. 


“We build new monuments. We try to do this thoughtfully and with care. We challenge heroic monuments that commemorate heroes. We are a body that tries to capture a moment. We are four women.

We disappear in the moment, in time, in the zeitgeist”


By means of performance and movement, we build “Presence Sites” to women from the history and presence of St. Petersburg.



Excerpt from "No, Zeitgeist"' performed at TLV Central Bus Station 2019

Photos from "Beit Hatfuzot" museum,  2018

Photographer: Yair Meyuhas

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