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Suggestions for the City

Project Description



reality today is composed of two dimensions: the tangible world, and the cyberspace. Therefore the findings of each city SFC operate on, will be documented in a website, which contains all the cities alternative narratives. The website will accommodate the input - the women testimonies, and the output - the reaction of SFC in the city, according to the findings. 

Every website page of a city will consist of:

  • The collection of the audio women narratives\ testimonies, spread in public locations of the city, upon a virtual city map. 

  • Video documentation of  the performance tour held in the city (detailed later).

  • Information, footage, and documentation of the workshops held in the city (detailed later).


Testimonies  Database 

Audio documentation of narratives by women residents of the city. 

SFC focuses on a specific area in the city (both geographical and social), from which it assembles the testimonies of the inhabitants that occupy the area. The context of the testimonies involved specific subject matter, most likely disputed one. the stories are focused on the women's biography, how it’s intertwined with the city, and the women's perspective on the city present and past. 

SFC consider each testimony as a singular, therefore each story is being located individually in the city’s virtual \ actual geographical surface. The testimonies are being edited and uploaded to an online public reservoir.























Presence Sites 

A performance tour piece, which re-mark the city's historical narrative, and make new bodily and sound Anti monumental gestures for the women who populate the city. The performance takes place in public spaces in the city in or out doors. 



























Together with local women, SFC is re-thinking the urban public space: what stories and which people are excluded from this sphere? What should receive public visibility? In this workshop, local women, together with local artists and thinkers, will translate the testimonies into anti-monuments, to be positioned in the public area of the neighborhood. We will consider live actions, movements, body structures, human sculptures, sound tributes and other embodiments of the anti or counter monument. 


The workshop calls for a civic interference in the public sphere of the city, offering new anti-monuments using body presence and public acts, in relation to the testimonies. These will be performed by a diverse representation of bodies and narratives that will appropriate the public sphere, and take a stand in shaping an alternative collective memory of the city, of the present. As opposed to monumentalizing acts of violence and injustice, these new “Presence Sites” will commemorate a fleeting, ephemeral moment in time.


The description of the project could execute as a three suggestions for the city public sphere, or less, if not all of the project descriptions are carried out.

אתרי הנכחה3 - דניאל שופרא.mp4.Still002.j
אתרי הנכחה -2 דניאל שופרא.mp4.Still001.j
אתרי הנכחה 6 - דניאל שופרא.mp4.Still005.

Photos By Daniel Paikes From 'Presence Sites -  Bat Yam'

"Suggestions for an Urban Space" \ Bat Yam. Women audio testimonies over the city map

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