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The Ability to Stop Existing

"Performance 0:6", Performance conference , October 2016, Jerusalem

A collabration with the artist Carmel Bar


Performers: Meshi Olinky, Carmel Bar, Danielle


Scenography: Carmel Bar

Costumes: Gali Libraider

Light Design: Reinhard Suave Sato

Photos: Amit Mann

"Body scheme is neither is an idea nor psychological-physical fact, it is rather a practical diagram of our relationship with the world, an action based nor, in the reference to which things make sense." (Merleau Ponty).

But we are also only substance, a sack of organs being constructed and disassembly constantly, in which the only critical moment is death, the moment when the body is being empty from life, and the subject is turning to object.


In the meeting between us, as artists which act in different fields, we met in the body. On the attempt to bring the body to the stage as a material that is empty from the inevitable presence of us, being human beings. As been amazed from all of the body physical processes, we make duplications. Also in the body and in the plastic material, of the same quality that pulse in the organs that assembles us.                                                                                                                                    


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