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Choreographer and a Dancer. Graduate of SVT Jerusalem, and Jerusalem Academy for Music and Dance. A member of “Public Movement” Since 2015.               

In my work I deal with systems of structuring knowledge, and investigates the relationship between the individual to social structures. I works in different performing formats and performative mediums. As an artist I collaborated with the artist Carmel Bar, and the performance artist Alit Kreiz. Since 2017 collaborating with a group of dance performers: Ma’ayam Horesh, Meshi Olinky, Or Ashkenazi and Efrat Levi.                             

Presented in festivals and exhibitions: "Adams Rock" Exhibition, MoBY museum, "ZaZ festival", St. Petersburg Festival, Performance Conference 0:5, Performance Conference 0:7, "Voice of the word" festival (JRS) “IntimaDance” festival Tmuna Theater (TLV), "Censorship" and "Hope" Exhibitions in AZA 13 (TLV), St. Petersburg Festival (ISR), ImpulsTanz Festival (AUS), New Artists Gallery (JRS) and ­more.                                    Between 2016-2019, I thought movement and “studio" classes at “Studio Ankori” junior high + high school in Jaffa. Between 2017-2018  taught Movement classes to Jewish and Arabs at-risk students, at “Naamat” high school in Lod.

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