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 ‘Suggestions for the City’


 an art enterprise for collecting urban narratives in a city,  from the inhabitant of the city

The decision to collect narratives from women residents of the city, comes from the notion that throughout history, man has been in a position of power, hence the main decision makers. Different from the hegemonic and known narrative who structure the urban and national ethos, SFC (Suggestions for the City) collects narratives from women who are not in a position of power. The methods for the narratives collecting, is by meeting with the city residents and audio document their testimonies. The audio testimonies are gathered to a virtual assemblage, that propose another perspective of the city.


Acknowledging the idea that most of the historical landmarks in the public sphere of the city are a result of a municipal perpetuation of a unified narrative, which are targeting to construct a collective memory. SFC aims to shed light on multiple narratives, and to indicate another kind of memory manifestation in the city public sphere. This structure of multiple narrative, comes from the citizens point of view, and most likely the ones who are not commonly have a notation in the city public sphere. 

SFC is an artistic research project created by Danielle Shoufra (Presence Sites - St. Petersburg, 2018; Presence Sites - City of Bat Yam, 2019). Since 2019, SFC is operating with MoBI (Museum for Art Bat Yam) and “Kelim” (choreography center, Bat Yam).

As part of 'Adam's Rock' exhibition, SFC will operate in MoBy museum, as an open lab project, which will expose segments of the research, during September 2019 - February 2020. every month a new suggestion will be expose in a one- time event at the museum.

2st Suggestion ARCHIVE\ January 2020

Based on memories of local women who imigrate to Bat Yam, we drew anti-monuments, gestures and ephemeral actions.   Placing them at the MoBY, museum of Bat Yam for a keep.

Performers: Gal Levinson, Amit Tina, Danielle Shoufra.

1st Suggestion EPHEMERA\ September 2019, October 2019 

a series of body structers and movement gestures will be performed at the exhibition opening event. The movement is reffering remote memories of the place, trying to implement it back in the exhibition space. 

Performers: Maya Tamir, Efrat Levy, Danielle Shoufra.

collaborators: Or Ashkenazi, Ma'ayan Horesh.

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